Laddercompetitie is weer geopend!

19 mei 2022

It is time to climb on the ladder to be above the sea level in the Netherlands! :P

This year we will have 6 ladder groups (already open to apply and start playing!):

  • 2022 Laddercompetitie 9 (enkel)
  • 2022 Laddercompetitie 8/7 (enkel)
  • 2022 Laddercompetitie 6/5/4 (enkel)
  • 2022 Laddercompetitie 9 (dubbel) HD/GD/DD
  • 2022 Laddercompetitie 8/7 (dubbel) HD/GD/DD
  • 2022 Laddercompetitie 6/5/4 (dubbel) HD/GD/DD

The links to whatsapp groups are in the description of the ladder in the KNLTB app (Same whatsapp groups are used from 2021, the groups are renamed, recycling is important!).

Something new for this year is that we have separated ladder 8 and 9, because last year we reached 60+ players on ladder 8/9 and to make it more manageable and fun for everyone, we have separated it. You be the judge which one to join, first conquer the ladder on your level and move on to the next! Because of the KNLTB spring competition, there will be no “being active on ladder” rule like last year, at least till the competition is completed. More news on ladder competition and the end ceremony (maybe tournament) will be communicated during summer. For now, happy ladder and enjoy the tennis!

Doornakkers Ladder Committee (Yunus, Jitske and Pim) and the TC