Zomer Ladder Competitie TVDD

30 september 2021

We have come to the end of our summer ladder competition, thanks all for participating and making it fun! So it is time to celebrate and have some rising stars put in the picture for celebration!

There will be rewards for each active singles ladder as:

  • Highest ranking female player
  • Highest ranking male player
  • Most active (total number of matches played) female player
  • Most active male player

There will be rewards for each active double ladder as:

  • Winner team
  • Most active team

Only winners of the active ladders, which are shown below are listed. Also, if anyone has both highest ranking and most active rewards, rewards for the most active player will go to the next most active player. So, the Oscar goes to… 

2021 Laddercompetitie 8&9 (enkel) Highest ranking female player  Jitske Lagarde 
(59 players, wow!) Highest ranking male player Yunus Ozcelik (Ladder winner)
  Most active female player Juliette Rutten
  Most active male player Etienne Wolters
2021 Laddercompetitie 8&9 (dubbel) Winner team Onur Kaya & Yunus Ozcelik
(40 players, wow too!) Most active team René de Korte & Riju moni Parsai
2021 Laddercompetitie 6&7 (enkel) Highest ranking female player Suzie Smits
(16 players) Highest ranking male player Frank Geschiere (Ladder winner)
  Most active female player Laurie Habraken
  Most active male player Daan Kwaspen
2021 Laddercompetitie 4&5 (dubbel) Winner team Dennis Bommelijn & Jan Willem de Graauw
(4 players) Most active team  Tim Helsper & Mei Li Kho

The festivities and award ceremonie will be held during VrijMiBo – Oktoberfest (Friday, 29 Oktober), All members, enthusiasts are welcome and especially the winners are required!

Ladder Commissie and Technische Commissie